A simple, sweet signature wedding reception drink.

Signature cocktails are almost a must for wedding receptions these days. They’re a fun way to individualize cocktail hour and reflect your personal tastes as a couple. Recipes can incorporate your favorite spirits, match your color theme, enhance your wedding season or style or incorporate name play e.g. Mary’s Margarita, Groom’s Gimlet and so on.

This Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail is such a creative, cute drink to serve at a reception, and it can be easily adapted to match your color scheme. It’s also inexpensive and basically labor free; you won’t need to hire a mixologist to stand behind the bar and shake multiple ingredients together. If you just put a little puff of the sugary stuff into a champagne flute and pour liquid over it, it magically dissolves into a beautiful cocktail — the color of your wedding!

And while cotton candy is weird and wonderful — it reminds me of fairs, the circus, Kings Island and Bengals/Reds games (because the giant pink cones always block my view) — it’s very easy to make. Cotton candy is simply spun, heated sugar, which can be turned any color or flavor you want. Just add a little food coloring to the sugar before spinning or use store-bought flavored, dyed sugar and voila! You can buy colored and flavored cocoons at the store or rent a cotton candy maker (usually around $50) and make it yourself.


1fluff of cotton candy 

Champagne to top   


Put a fluff of cotton candy in each champagne flute and then pour champagne over to top it off. It’s best to pour in front of guests so they can watch it dissolve and change color.

Photo by Jesse Fox