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Layers of luxe — like lace, velvet, leather and fur — create textural interest and depth when bundling up for colder weather.

Add some sequins and gold accents to take a winter wardrobe from warm to festive and party-ready… even if you never leave the house.

Left to right On Ashley: Black felt hat with gold ribbon, Tori Kadish, $48,; Black sheer collared shirt, Sloane Boutique, $340,; Black and gold sweater, Alice + Olivia, Soho Boutique, $340,; Black organza layered maxi skirt, NVISION, $100,; Cocktail ring, Kismet, $88, 513-871-7879. On Madeline: Black velvet cape, NVISION, $100; Black rosette mini-dress, Pangaea, $58, 513-751-3330; Black bow pumps, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $24, OnBrodie: Black three-piece suit, NVISION, $100; Blue oxford, model’s own (American Apparel); Red ascot, NVISION, store’s own; Black shoes, model’s own (Aldo). On Erica: Leather moto jacket, Soho Boutique, $785; Black lace duster, NVISION, $35; Black velvet strapless maxi dress, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $14; Black oxford wedges, Morrison & Me, $79, On Levi: Red bow tie, NVISION, store’s own.

Left to right On Ashley: Fur tie, Tori Kadish, $35; Cream blouse, Kismet, $34; Gold lace tank, Dries Van Noten, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $99; White flower necklace, Sloane Boutique, $80; Brocade jacket, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $36; Burgundy riding pants, Kismet, $52.50; Black boots, model’s own. On Erica: White fur hat, NVISION, $60; Striped wrap sweater, Pangaea, $74.50; Grey knit sequin shawl, Pangaea, $62; Champagne brocade shift dress, NVISION, $40; Gold-studded cream clutch, Kismet, $38; Black boots, stylist’s own. On Madeline: Fuchsia studded-collar blouse, Pangaea, $44; Green and cream houndstooth sweater, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $98; Red horse/puppy print silk midi-skirt, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $18; Blue feather-adorned pumps, Betsey Johnson, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $65. On Brodie: Brown faux fur cape, NVISION, $50; Red polka dot ascot, NVISION, store’s own; Plaid cummerbund, NVISION, $20.

On Ashley: Black felt hat, Kismet, $44; Fur collar, Tori Kadish, $20; Red and gold skater dress, Pangaea, $46.50; Black boots, model’s own.

On Madeline: Pewter velvet duster, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $42; Faux-sheepskin wrap sweater, Pangaea, $90; Silver and black sequin shift dress, Kismet, $52; Studded loafers, Kismet, $38.5. 

On Erica: Tweed and faux-leather moto jacket, Pangaea, $64.5; Cream blouse, Kismet, $34; Belt, Kismet, $12; Black maxi skirt, NVISION, $30; Brown felt hat, Kismet, $36.

Stylist: Christina Pfeffer

Photographer: Jesse Fox

Models: Ashley, Brodie, Erica, Madeline, Levi the dog

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