Folk & Feather


Cool-girl street style meets classic urban wear.

Pick and choose from these top trends to put a pop in your wardrobe and “spring” in your step: gobs of gold, incandescent neons, translucent accents and sporty athletic wear.

On Maddie: Dress, $50, Tulle, Trend Boutique, 2946 Markbreit Ave., Oakley; Jacket, $35, Need Vintage.

On Maddie: Dress (worn under shirt), $348, 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent, Kate boutique, 2732 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Shirt, $30, part of a set, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Cynthia Vincent booties, $375, Kate boutique, 2732 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Aztec Tetra Necklace, $288, Kora, VogueVert; Naxos Ring, $174, Nettie Kent Jewelry, VogueVert; Jupiter Triangle Bag, $187, Mettle, VogueVert.

On Terrance: Pants, $125, 10.Deep, Corporate, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; T-shirt, $35, Vitamorte, Corporate, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Striped button-up, $74, The Hundreds, Corporate, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Hat, $40, Dope Couture, Corporate, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Belt, $35, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Shoes, model’s own.

On Sierra: Shorts, $35, vintage Ralph Lauren, Need Vintage; Jacket, stylist’s own; Shoes, model’s own.

On Ashley: Shirt, $20, Need Vintage; Shorts, $30, Need Vintage; Jacket, $18, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Belt, $12, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Booties, $99, Heart Throb, Morrison & Me, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Beaded bracelets, $252 & $365, Flutter, VogueVert; Luna Chain lucite bracelet, $48, Mettle, VogueVert; MilkyWay Connector Ring, $79, Mettle, VogueVert; Ceres Clutch, $99, Mettle, VogueVert.

On Maddie: Dress, $30, vintage Kenneth Cole, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Jeans, $175, 7 For All Mankind, Kate boutique, 2732 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Shoes, $125, Fiel, Morrison & Me, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Triangle Lapel Pins, $90, Mettle, VogueVert; Olivia Top Handle Bag, $655, Jess Ruzzuti, VogueVert; Talon rings, stylist’s own. On Terrance: Pants, $125, GPPR, Corporate, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; T-shirt, $20, handmade by Need Vintage; Sweater, $300, vintage Gucci, Legit Vintage; Shoes, model’s own.

On Ashley: Tank, $25, vintage, Legit Vintage; Skirt, $20, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Boots, $250, Cordani, Morrison & Me, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Mikri Vigla Pendant, $198, Nettie Kent Jewelry, VogueVert; Delos Bangle, $348 each, Nettie Kent Jewelry, VogueVert; Mister Bag, $584, Novella Royale, VogueVert.

On Maddie: Dress, $50, Tulle, Trend Boutique, 2946 Markbreit Ave., Oakley, trendcincinnati.com; Jacket, $35, Need VintageOn Ashley: Jersey, $25, Legit Vintage; Pants, $60, vintage Paul Alexander, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Denim jacket, stylist’s own.

All jewelry and bags featured in this shoot were borrowed from VogueVert, an online shopping boutique that offers the “conscious minded woman access to the newest, most talented green and compassionate designers, all in one place.” Founded by Cincinnati-based Kathy Hamm, a financial advisor, artist and philanthropist, any woman would be proud to wear VogueVert’s impeccably curated collection of beautifully made, high-end designs — even if they didn’t have a green-leaning bone in their body. And if supporting the store through products wasn’t enough, one dollar from every purchase and ten percent of their overall profits go to the VogueVert Charitable Foundation to fund scholarships for design students that support the protection of the environment, animals and women around the globe.

Stylist and creative director: Betsy Wecker
Models: Maddie Mroz and Ashley Dunsing
Dancers: Sierra Rayniece and Terrence Smith from Urban Impresario, a nonprofit creative talent agency encouraging raw talent, young creative minds, artists and social entrepreneurs to grow as independent professionals, urbanimpresario.org
Hair and Makeup: Brant Dutle, Megan Middleton and Cecili Robison of Paul Mitchell The School Cincinnati

Contrary to popular belief, thrifting isn’t merely for the down-and-out. When done properly, it’s one of the best ways to supplement an otherwise non-thrifted wardrobe.

Ever hear someone talk about a fashion plate and say something like, “They’re so good at mixing high and low,” referring to designer and non-designer threads? Well kids, you can’t get much “lower” than $3 polka dotted trousers! Alas, many of us are intimidated by the sheer scope of a thrift store’s inventory, and rightfully so; To put it bluntly, there’s a lot of crap to sift through before you get to those beautiful gems. So, for all you thrifting-challenged out there, I thought I’d offer a few tricks of the trade:

  1. For what you won’t be spending in money, you’ll be spending in time. If you’re new to the thrifting game, don’t expect to be in-and-out. If you arrive at 5 p.m. and are meeting friends for drinks at 6 p.m., you’ll get frustrated and the experience will be ruined. Instead, carve out a couple of hours on a day when you don’t have a ton going on. That way, meandering around Salvation Army won’t seem like squandered time.
  2. Look for trendy, modern-looking items. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I find that people seem to tailor their expectations for what they THINK a thrift store has to offer. Rather, you should look for items you’d be interested in regardless of the store—i.e. Nordstrom OR the Village Discount Outlet (may she rest in peace). For example, over the summer I found not one but TWO pairs of old Levi’s shorts at Goodwill. They fit perfectly, but I altered them a bit by shredding the bottom hem and making a few holes in the pockets. So while my friends were spending $60 on cut-offs from Urban Outfitters, I had my own $3 identical versions.
  3. You can always alter it. Building on my last point, it’s super easy to edit your thrift purchases. For the love of God, you should almost never turn down a piece you like that’s a few sizes too big—what you’re not spending on the initial purchase you can put towards alterations or simply alter it yourself. I’ve taken in waists on blouses and blazers, hemmed pants and removed ’80s-style shoulder pads all on my own (and I’m no seamstress)!  
  4. Know what you like. This point goes for any type of shopping, and is quite honestly the most difficult to achieve, but ultimately it’ll save you time and buyer’s remorse (yes, even if it’s only $5) if you go in with an idea of certain looks or items you’d like to find. Pieces I consistently wear and find a lot of in my thrifting are billowy, semi-sheer blouses. Since this is something I know I like to wear and get a lot of use out of, I spend the majority of my time looking at blouses, and it usually pays off.

Some of this will come with time and getting used to the idea of another person’s trash being your treasure, but don’t be surprised if your thrifted clothes become some of your favorites.

Cincinnati has a plethora of style bloggers who capture the creativity and spirit of our city and improve NYC’s image of the Midwest, one outfit at a time.

These fashion femme fatales are making style a priority in a city known for its fashion and design school. Looking good and feeling good are interconnected, and these ladies will provide you with more than enough inspiration and how-tos to get you up and dressed in the morning. 

Meet Your Bloggers:

The Style Sample

Tamia Stinson (Her Cincinnati contributor) started The Style Sample in 2008. It started as a personal style blogazine/fashion blog but has (d)evolved into a repository for Tamia’s unsolicited opinions about everything from shoes to design to digital marketing. She loves the three F’s: Fashion, food, and foreign languages, along with Prince, typography, travel, dance, shoes, kittehs, and analogies. Sometimes I know what I’m talking about, sometimes I’m just wingin’ it. On the blog you’ll find: style advice, inspirational images, event recaps, videos, how-tos, vintage finds and you can browse her blogazine archives.

Folk & Feather

Folk & Feather is the brainchild of Betsy Wecker, a city-dweller, outdoors enthusiast and lover of all things pertaining to film, music and sentimentalism. F&F is at once a personal style blog rolled up in a road map to all things awesome in the greater Cincinnati area. On the blog you’ll find: fashion tips, personal style, how-to, event recaps, travel and lifestyle.

Cincy Style Edit

Friends since college, Brock and Marsha, the duo behind Style Edit, have created a Cincinnat-based personal styling business. “We know all too well that everyone is judged first by their appearance. When you look good, you feel good. Most often being confident in your appearance is the competing factor in an interview or a first date. In short, a great outfit goes a long way!” On the blog you’ll find: fashion discoveries, inspiration, event recaps, products, celebrity fashion.

What I Wore Today

What I Wore Today is a photo blog that chronicles what Kasmira Kit wears each day, generally to work with a few special occasions and weekends sprinkled in. Kasmira is a bona-fide cat lady, homebody, wanna-be writer, and faux extrovert. If she’s not gardening, she’s rehearsing for a local theater production. She thrifts or swaps as much as possible to save her pennies for expensive boots. On the blog you’ll find: an outfit a day, commentary, Cincinnati backdrops. 

Reality Chic

Erin Flynn and her blog Reality Chic aim to take you from college to the real world in fashion and function. “Transitioning from life after college into the real world can be hard enough for many of us Gen-Y ers, so instead of stressing out about what to wear let me help you transform your wardrobe from young to young professional, answer your fashion problems, and give practical fashion tips for young and stylish 20 something real women like yourself!” On the blog you’ll find: fashion inspiration, trends, how-tos, interviews, celebrity fashion.

Stylized Existence

Lauren Corso of Stylized Existence loves clothing. “I don’t just like the clothes, I like the way colors complement one another, the way fabrics fit, the way the necklace ‘makes the outfit’ — the way an incredibly well-styled outfit can stop you in your tracks.  I believe that beautiful clothes should be accessible for everyone {no matter your budget or where you live} and that learning how to put together a stunning head-to-toe look is achievable for everyone.” On the blog you’ll find: “clothing and accessories from a variety of price points and every single article of clothing is available online, so even if you don’t have the store in your area, you can still achieve the looks that you like.”

Style Every Day

For as long as Style Every Day blogger Rachael Powell can remember, she’s had a thing for clothes. Style Every Day was born in Rachael’s college years as she looked for a way to let out her inner budget-conscious fashionista. When other girls were spending big bucks on designer sweat suits, Rachael found ways to look fashionable for less (no sweatpants allowed). Since then, Style Every Day has evolved to become a go-to source for women looking for inspiration, tips and advice on how to look great for less, every day. Rachael translates runway looks to approachable fashion and shows you how to buy it for less. On the blog you’ll find: daily outfit, shopping tips, interior design, lifestyle, inspiration, budget outfits for under $25.

A Mello Style

A Mello Style provides styling and wardrobe service solutions for both personal and commercial needs. Owned and operated by Ashlee Mello, the fashion-consulting firm is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ashlee works individually with every client, commercial or individual, to ensure desired results are achieved. On the blog you’ll find: behind-the-scenes, events, promotions, fashion, inspiration, lifestyle.

Not unlike Bunbury, Midpoint Music Festival served as a fantastic reminder of what happens in Cincinnati when creative folks combine their organizational powers.

As in years past, MPMF sprawled itself across the greater OTR area, offering up some of the best in both local and national acts (Grizzly Bear, Wild Belle & Ralph Stanley were some of my tops). Yet while my ears remained transfixed on the abundance of sweet tunes, my trusty camera captured all the best offstage action.