Her Style


Cool-girl street style meets classic urban wear.

Pick and choose from these top trends to put a pop in your wardrobe and “spring” in your step: gobs of gold, incandescent neons, translucent accents and sporty athletic wear.

On Maddie: Dress, $50, Tulle, Trend Boutique, 2946 Markbreit Ave., Oakley; Jacket, $35, Need Vintage.

On Maddie: Dress (worn under shirt), $348, 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent, Kate boutique, 2732 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Shirt, $30, part of a set, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Cynthia Vincent booties, $375, Kate boutique, 2732 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Aztec Tetra Necklace, $288, Kora, VogueVert; Naxos Ring, $174, Nettie Kent Jewelry, VogueVert; Jupiter Triangle Bag, $187, Mettle, VogueVert.

On Terrance: Pants, $125, 10.Deep, Corporate, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; T-shirt, $35, Vitamorte, Corporate, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Striped button-up, $74, The Hundreds, Corporate, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Hat, $40, Dope Couture, Corporate, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Belt, $35, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Shoes, model’s own.

On Sierra: Shorts, $35, vintage Ralph Lauren, Need Vintage; Jacket, stylist’s own; Shoes, model’s own.

On Ashley: Shirt, $20, Need Vintage; Shorts, $30, Need Vintage; Jacket, $18, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Belt, $12, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Booties, $99, Heart Throb, Morrison & Me, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Beaded bracelets, $252 & $365, Flutter, VogueVert; Luna Chain lucite bracelet, $48, Mettle, VogueVert; MilkyWay Connector Ring, $79, Mettle, VogueVert; Ceres Clutch, $99, Mettle, VogueVert.

On Maddie: Dress, $30, vintage Kenneth Cole, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Jeans, $175, 7 For All Mankind, Kate boutique, 2732 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Shoes, $125, Fiel, Morrison & Me, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Triangle Lapel Pins, $90, Mettle, VogueVert; Olivia Top Handle Bag, $655, Jess Ruzzuti, VogueVert; Talon rings, stylist’s own. On Terrance: Pants, $125, GPPR, Corporate, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; T-shirt, $20, handmade by Need Vintage; Sweater, $300, vintage Gucci, Legit Vintage; Shoes, model’s own.

On Ashley: Tank, $25, vintage, Legit Vintage; Skirt, $20, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Boots, $250, Cordani, Morrison & Me, 2643 Erie Ave., Hyde Park; Mikri Vigla Pendant, $198, Nettie Kent Jewelry, VogueVert; Delos Bangle, $348 each, Nettie Kent Jewelry, VogueVert; Mister Bag, $584, Novella Royale, VogueVert.

On Maddie: Dress, $50, Tulle, Trend Boutique, 2946 Markbreit Ave., Oakley, trendcincinnati.com; Jacket, $35, Need VintageOn Ashley: Jersey, $25, Legit Vintage; Pants, $60, vintage Paul Alexander, Hi-Bred Vintage, 2548 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-240-4664; Denim jacket, stylist’s own.

All jewelry and bags featured in this shoot were borrowed from VogueVert, an online shopping boutique that offers the “conscious minded woman access to the newest, most talented green and compassionate designers, all in one place.” Founded by Cincinnati-based Kathy Hamm, a financial advisor, artist and philanthropist, any woman would be proud to wear VogueVert’s impeccably curated collection of beautifully made, high-end designs — even if they didn’t have a green-leaning bone in their body. And if supporting the store through products wasn’t enough, one dollar from every purchase and ten percent of their overall profits go to the VogueVert Charitable Foundation to fund scholarships for design students that support the protection of the environment, animals and women around the globe.

Stylist and creative director: Betsy Wecker
Models: Maddie Mroz and Ashley Dunsing
Dancers: Sierra Rayniece and Terrence Smith from Urban Impresario, a nonprofit creative talent agency encouraging raw talent, young creative minds, artists and social entrepreneurs to grow as independent professionals, urbanimpresario.org
Hair and Makeup: Brant Dutle, Megan Middleton and Cecili Robison of Paul Mitchell The School Cincinnati

From the “Mono” collection by designer Nancy Todd.

The “Mono” collection was developed as a study of the principle of mass conservation. The principle states that the entire mass of an isolated system cannot be created or destroyed over time, but it also implies that the mass may be rearranged into different states of matter. “Mono” seeks to demonstrate this concept through the analysis of one fiber: wool. This collection is an exploration of form and texture and embodies a variety of techniques and applications representative of the many properties one fiber may possess. 

Klimt top, tailored wool sateen, price and more information for all  upon request.

Schiele dress, hand-knit baby Merino wool, price and more information upon request.

Duchamp shawl, 100 percent wool roving, hand-knit with designer-carved knitting needles; Kandinsky side pleat pant, tailored 100 percent wool caddy, price and more information for all upon request.

Drop needle tank, hand-knit baby Merino wool; Toulouse Cigarette Pant, two-ply 100 percent wool gauze; price and more information for all  upon request.

Dalí sheath dress, 100 percent wool double face caddy column dress; price and more information for all  upon request.

Photos by Annette Navarro 

“MONO” collection by Nancy Todd 

Styling by Kelsey Wing 

Origami Accessories by Kelsey Wing 

Hair and makeup by Phil Saunders

Layers of luxe — like lace, velvet, leather and fur — create textural interest and depth when bundling up for colder weather.

Add some sequins and gold accents to take a winter wardrobe from warm to festive and party-ready… even if you never leave the house.

Left to right On Ashley: Black felt hat with gold ribbon, Tori Kadish, $48, etsy.com/shop/torishop; Black sheer collared shirt, Sloane Boutique, $340, sloaneboutique.com; Black and gold sweater, Alice + Olivia, Soho Boutique, $340, shopsohoboutique.com; Black organza layered maxi skirt, NVISION, $100, nvisionshop.com; Cocktail ring, Kismet, $88, 513-871-7879. On Madeline: Black velvet cape, NVISION, $100; Black rosette mini-dress, Pangaea, $58, 513-751-3330; Black bow pumps, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $24, mustardseedboutique.com. OnBrodie: Black three-piece suit, NVISION, $100; Blue oxford, model’s own (American Apparel); Red ascot, NVISION, store’s own; Black shoes, model’s own (Aldo). On Erica: Leather moto jacket, Soho Boutique, $785; Black lace duster, NVISION, $35; Black velvet strapless maxi dress, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $14; Black oxford wedges, Morrison & Me, $79, morrisonandme.com. On Levi: Red bow tie, NVISION, store’s own.

Left to right On Ashley: Fur tie, Tori Kadish, $35; Cream blouse, Kismet, $34; Gold lace tank, Dries Van Noten, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $99; White flower necklace, Sloane Boutique, $80; Brocade jacket, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $36; Burgundy riding pants, Kismet, $52.50; Black boots, model’s own. On Erica: White fur hat, NVISION, $60; Striped wrap sweater, Pangaea, $74.50; Grey knit sequin shawl, Pangaea, $62; Champagne brocade shift dress, NVISION, $40; Gold-studded cream clutch, Kismet, $38; Black boots, stylist’s own. On Madeline: Fuchsia studded-collar blouse, Pangaea, $44; Green and cream houndstooth sweater, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $98; Red horse/puppy print silk midi-skirt, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $18; Blue feather-adorned pumps, Betsey Johnson, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $65. On Brodie: Brown faux fur cape, NVISION, $50; Red polka dot ascot, NVISION, store’s own; Plaid cummerbund, NVISION, $20.

On Ashley: Black felt hat, Kismet, $44; Fur collar, Tori Kadish, $20; Red and gold skater dress, Pangaea, $46.50; Black boots, model’s own.

On Madeline: Pewter velvet duster, The Mustard Seed Boutique, $42; Faux-sheepskin wrap sweater, Pangaea, $90; Silver and black sequin shift dress, Kismet, $52; Studded loafers, Kismet, $38.5. 

On Erica: Tweed and faux-leather moto jacket, Pangaea, $64.5; Cream blouse, Kismet, $34; Belt, Kismet, $12; Black maxi skirt, NVISION, $30; Brown felt hat, Kismet, $36.

Stylist: Christina Pfeffer

Photographer: Jesse Fox

Models: Ashley, Brodie, Erica, Madeline, Levi the dog

Inspiration from the past is what helps lead us to a new future.

As time progresses, our celebrity icons evolve and manifest themselves in new ways. It’s easy to say that everything’s been done, but if that is the case, why do we continue to create, produce and push ourselves?

David Bowie And Lady Gaga

Androgynous Innovators

White sequined blazer, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $22.

Blazer, Sloane Boutique, OTR, sloaneboutique.com, $175; Fringe ice skating dress, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $30; Leather half-gloves, stylist’s own; Silver collar, H&M, $16.95.

Grace Jones And Rihanna

Strong Caribbean-born Singer/Actress/Models

Dress, Topshop, us.topshop.com, $68; Faux fur vest, Sloane Boutique, OTR, sloaneboutique.com, $114; Gold collar, H&M, $12.95; Necklace, H&M, $9.95; Cuff, Topshop, us.topshop.com, $35.

Floral bodysuit, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $11; Levi’s shorts, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $20; Rings, H&M, $12.50 each.

James Dean And The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Brooding Rebels

Black T-shirt, American Apparel, $20; Trousers, Topman, us.topman.com, $65. Leather jacket, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $65; White T-Shirt, American Apparel, $18; Levi’s, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $22.

Flannel jacket, Sloane Boutique, OTR, sloaneboutique.com, $75; Jeans, H&M, $34.95; Skull ring, H&M, $3.95; Claw ring, H&M, $6.95; Bracelet, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $9; Chain harness, Topman, us.topman.com, $45.

Andy Warhol And Terry Richardson

Pop Culture Photography Icons

Andy: Jacket, tank top and pants, Atomic Number Ten, OTR, atomicnumberten.com, prices upon request; Watch, Timex, Urban Outfitters, $65; Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters, $18.

Edie Sedgewick: Fur jacket, Casablanca Vintage, Northside, casablancavintage.com, $85; Black dress, H&M, $12.95; Scarf, Alexander McQueen, alexandermcqueen.com, $295; Earrings, H&M, $9.95; Ring, H&M, $5.95; Necklace, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $10; Sunglasses, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $8.

Flannel, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $12; Necklace, H&M, $9.95; American flag tank top, Urban Outfitters, $28; Watch, Michael Kors, michaelkors.com, $250; Bull Ring, Topshop, us.topshop.com, $38.

Photography: Annette Navarro

Stylist: Kelsey Wing

Hair and makeup: Phil Saunders

Models (in order of appearance): Brodie, Wings Models; Jess Cornetet, freelance; Angwit, Wings Models; Saquoiah, New View; Conner, Wings Models; Jamie, Wings Models; Ryan, Wings Models; Kelsey, stylist; Skinny Ricky, musician.

Vintage modern fashions for the trendsetting child … and outfit inspiration for grown-ups.

On Leo: Rockabilly button-up, Knuckleheads, The Spotted Goose, Oakely, thespottedgoose.com, $44; Fedora, The Spotted Goose; Suede jacket, vintage, stylist’s own; Glasses, Urban Outfitters; Red skinny jeans, La Miniatura, The Spotted Goose, $52; Shoes, model’s own; Plaid shirt, Ciao Marco, The Spotted Goose, $38; Tie, Old Navy, $13; Jeans, The Spotted Goose,$34.

On Lucy: Head scarf, Atomic Number 10, OTR, atomic10.com, prices vary; Heart cardigan, Pink Chicken, The Spotted Goose, $84; Plaid pants, Tom and Drew, The Spotted Goose, $48; Shoes, model’s own; Colorblock jumper, Right Bank Babies, The Spotted Goose, $36; Shoes, model’s own; Sunglasses, mom’s; Leopard coat, Pink Chicken, The Spotted Goose, $122; Shoes, model’s own.

On Amelia: Head scarf, Atomic Number 10, prices vary; Star cardigan, Little Joule, The Spotted Goose, $48; Jeans, The Spotted Goose, $34; Shoes, model’s own; Peplum waffle shirt, Right Bank Babies, The Spotted Goose, $31; Jeans, The Spotted Goose, $34; Shoes, model’s own; Head scarf, stylist’s own; Jeans, The Spotted Goose, $34. Suit jacket, Appaman, The Spotted Goose, $120 (for entire suit); Shirt, model’s own.

On George: Suit, Appaman, The Spotted Goose, $120; White T-shirt, Montag, The Spotted Goose, $12; Suspenders, Urban Sunday, The Spotted Goose, $21; Shoes, model’s own; Shoes, stylist’s own; Newsboy cap, Peter Grimm, The Spotted Goose, $16; Plaid button-up, Knuckleheads, The Spotted Goose, $44.

Photography by Gina Weathersby of kiwi street studios, kiwistreetstudios.com

Stylist: Lindsay Dewald of Little One Love

Hair and makeup: Lindsay Dewald

Models: Leo B., Amelia D., Lucy D. and George G.

Location: Bacalls Café, 6118 Hamilton Ave., College Hill, bacallscafe.com

Fall’s biggest runway trends interpreted for everyday wear.

Bohemian Baroque

Fall is all about statement outwear. This jacket is elaborate, yet earthy, paying homage to the Baroque runway trend. Jacket, On The Prowl Vintage; Skirt, Atomic Number 10, OTR; Shoes, On The Prowl Vintage; Clutch, On The Prowl Vintage; Necklace,On The Prowl Vintage; Rings & Earrings, Lisa Robin Jewelry.

Miltary Menswear

Clean military lines and colorful accents add elegance to menswear-inspired pieces. Jacket, On the Prowl Vintage; Shirt, Atomic Number 10, OTR; Pants, On the Prowl Vintage; Belt, On the Prowl Vintage; Tie, On the Prowl Vintage; Broach, Krombholz Jewelers, Montgomery; Rings, Lisa Robin Jewelry; Bracelet, On the Prowl Vintage; Shoes, Atomic Number 10.

Matched Set

A single head-to-toe pattern or color scheme (as seen on the runway at Prada and Miu Miu) creates a funky, functional leisure suit that can be worn together or as separates. On Molly: Brocade Suit, On the Prowl Vintage; Shoes, Sloane Boutique, OTR; Belt, On the Prowl Vintage; Necklace, On the Prowl Vintage; Earrings, Krombholz Jewelers, Montgomery; Bracelet, On the Prowl Vintage. On Kara: Mustard Suit, Atomic Number 10, OTR; Earrings, Krombholz Jewelers; Necklace,Krombholz Jewelers; Belt, On the Prowl Vintage; Wrist scarf, On the Prowl Vintage; Shoes, Atomic Number 10.

Timeless Trousers

Free-spirited touches — like a Navajo patterned jacket and thin braid — give feminine softness to traditional pinstripe trousers. Jacket, Sloane Boutique, OTR; Blouse, On the Prowl Vintage; Trousers, On the Prowl Vintage; Necklace, On the Prowl Vintage; Ring, Lisa Robin Jewelry; Shoes, Gap.

Old World Opulence

Gold accents, brocade, tapestery-inspired prints — all ladylike and all a nod to the historic sentiment of getting dressed. Jacket, On the Prowl Vintage; Skirt, Sloane Boutique, OTR; Earrings, Krombholz Jewelers, Montgomery; Belt, On the Prowl Vintage; Bracelets, Krombholz Jewelers; Clutch, On the Prowl Vintage; Shoes, Elizabeth & James.

Rosy Outlook

The color of fall is oxblood. Jacket, Atomic Number 10, OTR; Trousers, On the Prowl Vintage Necklace, On the Prowl Vintage; Broaches, On the Prowl Vintage; Earrings, Lisa Robin Jewelry; Rings, Lisa Robin Jewelry; Shoes, Elizabeth & James.

Retro Floral

Everything old is new this fall, including retro prints. Dress, Atomic Number 10, OTR; Earrings, Lisa Robin Jewelry; Necklace, On the Prowl Vintage; Bracelet, On the Prowl Vintage.

Photography: Jeremy KramerStylist: Ashlee Mello of A Mello Style and Brooke Kellestine. Production Assistance: Joe Mello. Digitech: Andrew Doench. Hair and Makeup: Sarah Memory and Cecili Robison of Paul Mitchell The School Cincinnati. Models: Kara W. and Molly H. for New View Management.

Urbane austerity complemented by flashes of fashionable extravagance.

Something Old, Something New

Enjoy breakfast at Tiffany’s with a reasonably priced dress, bold necklace and a vintage tiara — hopefully handed down through generations.

Dress, Kismet, O’Bryonville, $52.50; Necklace, HighStreet, Downtown,$45; Sunglasses, House of Harlow, Sloane Boutique, OTR,$125; Tiara, Victorian silver wedding tiara from the 19th Century, Kimberly Klosterman Jewelry, kklostermanjewelry.com,$2,800.

The Fountainhead

Practice individuality by mixing the function of practical pieces. Try wearing a shirt as a cape for a double duty wardrobe.

L to R: Dress, Monique watercolor, Jack by BB Dakota, Pangaea, Clifton, $64; Necklace, Serket Jewelry, lyn@serketjewelry.com,$35; Sunglasses, Sloane Boutique, OTR,$125; Sandals, Kismet, O’Bryonville,$32.50; Clutch, Pangaea,$42; Top, Pangaea,$29.50; Slip, Kismet,$32.50; Sunglasses, Pangaea, $9; Clutch, HighStreet, Downtown,$62; Sandals, Dolce Vita, Sloane Boutique, $69. Location: Fountain Square.

Verdant Valet

Trending prints and patterns can be found at different price points, allowing you to decide when to splurge.

L to R: Dress, Kymerah, Sloane Boutique, OTR, $365; Necklace, Pangaea, Clifton, $18; Clutch, HighStreet, Downtown, $72; Shoes, Seychelles, Kismet, O’Bryonvile, $86; Dress, Pangaea, $54; Bracelet, HighStreet, $18; Clutch, Sloane Boutique, $150; Shoes, model’s own. Location: Hilton Netherland Plaza.

Color Coded 

Fashion-forward tangerine can be cheap and chic, or become a tailored wardrobe staple.

L to R: Slip, Kismet, O’Bryonville, $32.50; Vest, Kismet,$26.50; Necklace, HighStreet, Downtown,$165; Clutch, Kismet,$44; Dress, Kymerah, Sloane Boutique, OTR,$285; Necklace, wood, Kismet,$16; Bracelet, Kismet,$13.50; Shoes, model’s own. Location: “Ice Cream Daydream” mural, E. 12th St., OTR.

Photos by Claudia Susana. Hair & Makeup by Megan and Niki at Blink Makeup Design & Studio. Models are Gwyn and Zarina for New View Management.

High summer finds sweet relief with handcrafted, vintage-inspired frocks in a plethora of popsicle hues.

Top to bottom: Sadie Dress, Iron City Upcyclery, Fabricate$85; Floral dress with yellow collar, Vintage, NVISIONprice upon request; Daisy shift, Vintage, NVISION, $24. Rainbow Brite mini, Tori Kadish, etsy.com/shop/torishop$45; heart sunglasses, Party City, $6. Venice print dress, Helen Smith/Helltown Workshop, NVISION, $95; pleated pink dress, Vintage, NVISION, price upon request; Dusty plum silk dress with black trim, Helen Smith/ Helltown Workshop, NVISION, $65; mod mini dress, Tori Kadish, etsy.com/shop/torishop, $80

Photography by Claudia Susana. Stylist: Christina Pfeffer. Hair and makeup: Laci Tuttle, Adrienne Starkman and Sarah Memory for Paul Mitchell the School Cincinnati. Models: Emily L., Sidney F. and Kayla D. for New View Managemet Group.