Sloane Boutique


Inspiration from the past is what helps lead us to a new future.

As time progresses, our celebrity icons evolve and manifest themselves in new ways. It’s easy to say that everything’s been done, but if that is the case, why do we continue to create, produce and push ourselves?

David Bowie And Lady Gaga

Androgynous Innovators

White sequined blazer, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $22.

Blazer, Sloane Boutique, OTR, sloaneboutique.com, $175; Fringe ice skating dress, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $30; Leather half-gloves, stylist’s own; Silver collar, H&M, $16.95.

Grace Jones And Rihanna

Strong Caribbean-born Singer/Actress/Models

Dress, Topshop, us.topshop.com, $68; Faux fur vest, Sloane Boutique, OTR, sloaneboutique.com, $114; Gold collar, H&M, $12.95; Necklace, H&M, $9.95; Cuff, Topshop, us.topshop.com, $35.

Floral bodysuit, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $11; Levi’s shorts, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $20; Rings, H&M, $12.50 each.

James Dean And The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Brooding Rebels

Black T-shirt, American Apparel, $20; Trousers, Topman, us.topman.com, $65. Leather jacket, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $65; White T-Shirt, American Apparel, $18; Levi’s, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $22.

Flannel jacket, Sloane Boutique, OTR, sloaneboutique.com, $75; Jeans, H&M, $34.95; Skull ring, H&M, $3.95; Claw ring, H&M, $6.95; Bracelet, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $9; Chain harness, Topman, us.topman.com, $45.

Andy Warhol And Terry Richardson

Pop Culture Photography Icons

Andy: Jacket, tank top and pants, Atomic Number Ten, OTR, atomicnumberten.com, prices upon request; Watch, Timex, Urban Outfitters, $65; Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters, $18.

Edie Sedgewick: Fur jacket, Casablanca Vintage, Northside, casablancavintage.com, $85; Black dress, H&M, $12.95; Scarf, Alexander McQueen, alexandermcqueen.com, $295; Earrings, H&M, $9.95; Ring, H&M, $5.95; Necklace, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $10; Sunglasses, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $8.

Flannel, Chicken Lays an Egg, Northside, chickenlaysanegg.com, $12; Necklace, H&M, $9.95; American flag tank top, Urban Outfitters, $28; Watch, Michael Kors, michaelkors.com, $250; Bull Ring, Topshop, us.topshop.com, $38.

Photography: Annette Navarro

Stylist: Kelsey Wing

Hair and makeup: Phil Saunders

Models (in order of appearance): Brodie, Wings Models; Jess Cornetet, freelance; Angwit, Wings Models; Saquoiah, New View; Conner, Wings Models; Jamie, Wings Models; Ryan, Wings Models; Kelsey, stylist; Skinny Ricky, musician.

Trends to target for late-fall shopping.

The most prolific style mavens have always been acutely aware of one truth: It’s all in the details. This season is no exception. With every fashionista from coast to coast upping their style ante, what separates the routinely fashionable from the true icons has become increasingly esoteric. In an effort to increase your odds of style infamy, here are a few trends to target for your late-fall shopping. 

1. Victorian references were all over the runways this season. Think bows and ruffles with a twist, like these sequined cuffs. Edwardian blouse, $48, Couture Couture, OTR, 513-421-8900. 

2. Channel your inner Daisy Buchanan with some Art Deco-inspired costume jewelry. Earrings, $12, Couture Couture, OTR, 513-421-8900.

3. Need a chic way to haul your iPad around? Try an envelope clutch. Floyd clutch, $150, Sloane Boutique, OTR, sloaneboutique.com

4. What’s that you say? A practical trend? These bracelets double as hair elastics. Vanessa Mooney bracelets, $15 each, Sloane Boutique, OTR, sloaneboutique.com

5. Like I always say, “If I must wear flats, may they have much pizazz.” Beaded/colorblocked Perry Ellis flats, $16, Atomic Number Ten, OTR, atomic10.com

6. Pair an uber-glam beaded clutch with simple, casual attire for a look that’s comfortable but still fierce. Cleobella clutch, $325, Sloane Boutique, OTR, sloaneboutique.com

7. A sleek, well-made ankle boot is a must for colder temperatures — an investment that’ll literally go the distance. Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet collection boots, $275, Sloane Boutique, OTR, sloaneboutique.com

8. Want an easy way to stand out from the crowd? Try an artisan-made statement necklace. Modern Tibet necklace, $42, Substance, OTR.

What to wear when dining downtown.

Oh, lucky you. You‘ve managed to land the most coveted table in town. You know the one. That cool, urban OTR restaurant that’s on everyone’s must-eat list: Abigail Street

Ever since Chef Daniel Wright won Food & Wine magazine’s “The People’s Best New Chef, Great Lakes Division” award — in fact, even before that — people have been lining up for his delectable tapas-style plates. Sharable, mouth-watering offerings such as Hanger Steak with caramelized Brussels sprouts and Sweet Pea and Ricotta Crostini have those in the know happily waiting for hours outside his Vine Street door. You have achieved the impossible. So, what’s the problem?

Your mouth has been oh-so-ready for the dichotomy of the zesty, crisp pita paired against the cool, refreshing cucumber of the Fattoush salad along with the meltingly soft Pan Roasted Cod for days. Thoughts of Chorizo Stuffed Dates occupy your brain even more than your actual human date, yet there’s this sinking sensation deep down in the pit of your stomach.  

It’s the crowd.  

Everywhere you turn in the NYC-subway-tile covered room are chic, effortlessly dressed women of all ages occupying this supremely hip space. Instantly, the feelings of culinary anticipation you’ve had all week yo-yo back and are replaced by all-too-familiar insecurities. A sudden feeling of angst washes over you as your eyes scan the room and you spy one ultimately stylish, urbane lady, casually draped over a cool cocktail at the bar, and you begin to wonder: Do I fit in? Am I dressed appropriately? Is everyone staring at me? WHY is everyone staring at me? 

There’s something about sitting down to dine in one of the most up-to-the-minute restaurants in town that just makes you want to look your best. It’s true, the attire of the crowd does add to the ambience of the establishment, as it should. It’s a sign of respect to the owners and staff of the restaurant who, after all, have spent their hard-earned money and valuable time putting together this magnificent space for your entertainment and dining enjoyment — and it’s respectful to your fellow diners. I, for one, certainly don’t want to look up from my super sexy plate of Chef Wright’s fresh roasted local beets, Grilled Octopus and delicate ricotta gnocchi to see that I’m sitting next to someone in sweatpants. This isn’t the time to forgo grooming or attire and throw on a “head for the drive-thru” get-up.  

So, if you’re going to be fed by an expert such as Chef Wright, why not dress like a fashion expert as well, for the complete downtown Cincinnati experience? Coincidentally, just a few feet from the door of Abigail Street is the door to one of the hottest — yet still affordable — OTR boutiques I know of: Sloane Boutique

Owner Duru Armagan has created a carefully cultivated collection of clothing and accessories, including pieces in all price and age ranges. The personalized service, and the fact that Sloane features lots of local designers and artisans with unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry and fashions, makes it the kind of shop you want to frequent. And the location, smack dab in the middle of all the Gateway Quarter fun, makes it perfect for the whole “ladies night out” shopping/dining experience.  

What exactly will the downtown dining divas be wearing this fall? At the fall shows this past spring, Armagan spied and snatched up elegant, traditional tweed jackets in some not-so-traditional colors, which are being paired with casual fabrics such as denim, or rich, luscious leather. Lady-like embellished collars on blouses and dresses are dainty and sweet, often showing up in unique combinations such as leather on silk. Both will be perfect for the “ladies who lunch” crowd.  

Personally, I can’t wait for the funky motorcycle jackets in racy shades like Hunter green from a line called Veda, and the furry vests coming into the shop soon. Just slip one of these on whenever you’re rolling into town on your Harley, and casually toss it over your shoulders as you nibble on your wood grilled lamb sliders. I guarantee that everyone in the room will be staring at you, but for this time, it will be for all the right reasons.

From L to R: On Gabriella: Haven Mini, $175; Tatiana Wedges, DV, $76; Stone cuff, Moss Mills, $88On Ilene: Malia Tweed Jacket, Zoe, $347; Quincy Dress, $154; Orla Wedges, Dolce Vita, $175

Photography by Gina Weathersby/Kiwi Street Studios

Fall’s biggest runway trends interpreted for everyday wear.

Bohemian Baroque

Fall is all about statement outwear. This jacket is elaborate, yet earthy, paying homage to the Baroque runway trend. Jacket, On The Prowl Vintage; Skirt, Atomic Number 10, OTR; Shoes, On The Prowl Vintage; Clutch, On The Prowl Vintage; Necklace,On The Prowl Vintage; Rings & Earrings, Lisa Robin Jewelry.

Miltary Menswear

Clean military lines and colorful accents add elegance to menswear-inspired pieces. Jacket, On the Prowl Vintage; Shirt, Atomic Number 10, OTR; Pants, On the Prowl Vintage; Belt, On the Prowl Vintage; Tie, On the Prowl Vintage; Broach, Krombholz Jewelers, Montgomery; Rings, Lisa Robin Jewelry; Bracelet, On the Prowl Vintage; Shoes, Atomic Number 10.

Matched Set

A single head-to-toe pattern or color scheme (as seen on the runway at Prada and Miu Miu) creates a funky, functional leisure suit that can be worn together or as separates. On Molly: Brocade Suit, On the Prowl Vintage; Shoes, Sloane Boutique, OTR; Belt, On the Prowl Vintage; Necklace, On the Prowl Vintage; Earrings, Krombholz Jewelers, Montgomery; Bracelet, On the Prowl Vintage. On Kara: Mustard Suit, Atomic Number 10, OTR; Earrings, Krombholz Jewelers; Necklace,Krombholz Jewelers; Belt, On the Prowl Vintage; Wrist scarf, On the Prowl Vintage; Shoes, Atomic Number 10.

Timeless Trousers

Free-spirited touches — like a Navajo patterned jacket and thin braid — give feminine softness to traditional pinstripe trousers. Jacket, Sloane Boutique, OTR; Blouse, On the Prowl Vintage; Trousers, On the Prowl Vintage; Necklace, On the Prowl Vintage; Ring, Lisa Robin Jewelry; Shoes, Gap.

Old World Opulence

Gold accents, brocade, tapestery-inspired prints — all ladylike and all a nod to the historic sentiment of getting dressed. Jacket, On the Prowl Vintage; Skirt, Sloane Boutique, OTR; Earrings, Krombholz Jewelers, Montgomery; Belt, On the Prowl Vintage; Bracelets, Krombholz Jewelers; Clutch, On the Prowl Vintage; Shoes, Elizabeth & James.

Rosy Outlook

The color of fall is oxblood. Jacket, Atomic Number 10, OTR; Trousers, On the Prowl Vintage Necklace, On the Prowl Vintage; Broaches, On the Prowl Vintage; Earrings, Lisa Robin Jewelry; Rings, Lisa Robin Jewelry; Shoes, Elizabeth & James.

Retro Floral

Everything old is new this fall, including retro prints. Dress, Atomic Number 10, OTR; Earrings, Lisa Robin Jewelry; Necklace, On the Prowl Vintage; Bracelet, On the Prowl Vintage.

Photography: Jeremy KramerStylist: Ashlee Mello of A Mello Style and Brooke Kellestine. Production Assistance: Joe Mello. Digitech: Andrew Doench. Hair and Makeup: Sarah Memory and Cecili Robison of Paul Mitchell The School Cincinnati. Models: Kara W. and Molly H. for New View Management.

Urbane austerity complemented by flashes of fashionable extravagance.

Something Old, Something New

Enjoy breakfast at Tiffany’s with a reasonably priced dress, bold necklace and a vintage tiara — hopefully handed down through generations.

Dress, Kismet, O’Bryonville, $52.50; Necklace, HighStreet, Downtown,$45; Sunglasses, House of Harlow, Sloane Boutique, OTR,$125; Tiara, Victorian silver wedding tiara from the 19th Century, Kimberly Klosterman Jewelry, kklostermanjewelry.com,$2,800.

The Fountainhead

Practice individuality by mixing the function of practical pieces. Try wearing a shirt as a cape for a double duty wardrobe.

L to R: Dress, Monique watercolor, Jack by BB Dakota, Pangaea, Clifton, $64; Necklace, Serket Jewelry, lyn@serketjewelry.com,$35; Sunglasses, Sloane Boutique, OTR,$125; Sandals, Kismet, O’Bryonville,$32.50; Clutch, Pangaea,$42; Top, Pangaea,$29.50; Slip, Kismet,$32.50; Sunglasses, Pangaea, $9; Clutch, HighStreet, Downtown,$62; Sandals, Dolce Vita, Sloane Boutique, $69. Location: Fountain Square.

Verdant Valet

Trending prints and patterns can be found at different price points, allowing you to decide when to splurge.

L to R: Dress, Kymerah, Sloane Boutique, OTR, $365; Necklace, Pangaea, Clifton, $18; Clutch, HighStreet, Downtown, $72; Shoes, Seychelles, Kismet, O’Bryonvile, $86; Dress, Pangaea, $54; Bracelet, HighStreet, $18; Clutch, Sloane Boutique, $150; Shoes, model’s own. Location: Hilton Netherland Plaza.

Color Coded 

Fashion-forward tangerine can be cheap and chic, or become a tailored wardrobe staple.

L to R: Slip, Kismet, O’Bryonville, $32.50; Vest, Kismet,$26.50; Necklace, HighStreet, Downtown,$165; Clutch, Kismet,$44; Dress, Kymerah, Sloane Boutique, OTR,$285; Necklace, wood, Kismet,$16; Bracelet, Kismet,$13.50; Shoes, model’s own. Location: “Ice Cream Daydream” mural, E. 12th St., OTR.

Photos by Claudia Susana. Hair & Makeup by Megan and Niki at Blink Makeup Design & Studio. Models are Gwyn and Zarina for New View Management.